Top Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

Top Essential Oils for Beautiful Skin

One of the significant aspects of your beauty and appearance involves the health and look of your skin. Now for various factors like malnutrition, skin issues, environmental pollution as well as aging, problems, and troubles with the skin ought to come up. So, is there any solution to these issues? Well, so far the skin troubles are concerned, one of the best remedies lies with the essential oils. This is one natural ingredient that not only reverses the existing troubles but, more importantly, enables you to prevent the major damages with skin health and appearance. It is for this reason; for centuries, people are relying on essential oils to get healthy and impressive skin conditions.

What are the benefits of essential oils to the skin?

  • One of the biggest benefits of essential oils to the skin health is that it is a strong anti-aging item. Regular application of essential oils can significantly address the skin issues and slow down the problems like wrinkles, the appearance of fine lines, and other symptoms evident on the skin with aging.
  • Another virtue of the essential oils is that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. The application of natural essential oils can adequately address even the worst instances of skin inflammation.
  • Issues like itchiness, cracking, and excessive roughness of the skin is the outcome triggered by the lack of moistures on the skin. Even in that regard, the essential oil is a wonderful solution, as it ensures adequate moisturizing of the skin to retain its softness and suppleness.
  • Another great point about essential oils is that it produces optimum cleaning. After applying essential oils, you will be able to clean the pores and eliminate the clogging, and this escapes the chances of acne, pimples and other common skin issues.

Analyzing the discussion made above, the worthiness of essential oils for skin health gets established, without any scope of debate. Now, the question is, what are the options that you should opt for. Should you opt for the natural ingredients that are rich in essential oil content, or you should opt for other skincare products? Well, it makes sense to opt for the natural sources for essential oils that come with the assured results, without any chances of triggering any adverse effects. These items are readily available, and most importantly, the cost of these items is almost insignificant.

The list of best essential oils to get healthy and glowing skin is given below-

  1. Lavender

The lavender essential oil comes as a wonderful remedy to skin irritations, and it suits all types of skin. This essential oil can significantly reduce the stress and produces complete cleaning of the skin.

You simply need to extrude the extract of Lavender and apply it on the skin. Let it dry, and then, rinse off the skin with clean and clear water. Using this essential oil regularly for a fair extent of time, you can expect to get a glowing and appreciable skin.

  1. Geranium

The essential oil in Geranium comes highly useful to maintain the perfect balance in oil production, and it conditions the skin to the maximum extent. The best part is, this essential oil is suitable for all skin types. You need to mix the extract with the usual skin moisturizer that you use and apply all over the body. Alternatively, you can mix it with mineral water to form a homemade skincare mist. Within a few days, you can expect for a sweetly surprising outcome, as there will be a major improvement in the appearance of the skin.

  1. Basil

Another gallant source for natural essential oil is Basil. Basil extract can produce the most delightful outcome in improving the health and appearance of your skin. Basil essential oil is an ideal remedy for insect bites, and it perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. Easily available, you can expect a fantastic result if you regularly apply Basil essential oil on the skin for a fair extent of time.

A few drops of the Basil essential oil needs to be added to any carrier oil, and the mixture is to be applied directly on the spot of insect bite. In case, you are experiencing the stress of the muscle due to excessive workout; you must mix a few drops of Basil essential oil with your usual body massage oil and massage with it to get instant relief from the troubles.

  1. Frankincense

In case the primary issue is with the aging skin, you will never get a better alternative to the Frankincense essential oil. This oil can address the problems with skin pigmentations, as well as it can tone and tighten the skin. Research exhibit the fact that this essential oil is a brilliant agent for the regeneration of the skin cells. It is for this reason; the Frankincense Essential oil is one of the major ingredients for the best skin care products. You can take a few fresh leaves and extrude the extract that you will mix with the skincare cream that you usually use. Regular use of this essential oil has the potential to produce the most delightful outcome within the minimum time.

  1. Lemongrass

If it seems tough to deal with the stubborn pimples and acne, you cannot expect a better solution than Lemongrass essential oil. You can use this essential oil as a natural astringent, and it comes equally effective if used as a skin toner or you are looking for an agent to enhance the skin glow. Furthermore, it is highly effective in eliminating bugs as well.

  1. Cypress

The essential oil is Cypress not only rejuvenates the damages with skin capillary veins, but it comes effective in shrinking the swollen blood vessels as well. Even as a natural astringent, you cannot find a better alternative to Cypress essential oil. It is for this reason that Cypress essential oil is seen as a significant ingredient in the majority of skincare products.

  1. Tea Tree

Tea tree extracts find a plethora of application on the skin. The antibacterial and antifungal capacities in Tea Tree essential oil make it an excellent agent to treat the excessively oily skin as well as issues like acne and pimples. Besides, the extract of the Tea tree can treat minor scrapes and cuts. One of the most common applications of the Tea tree oil is in the wipes to remove makeup. You can develop such makeup removal wipes at home, putting the minimum effort and time.

  1. Juniper

It is one of the best natural skin cleansing solution, and it can speed up the healing of the wounds, as well as comes highly effective in treating infections. One thing to keep in mind about its use is that you need to dilute the oil before you are applying it on the skin. As it can effectively clean the skin, it will enhance the blood circulation that will enhance the skin glow and radiance. Juniper essential oil is one of the key items used to produce the best Anti-cellulite oil that is applied to eliminate the wastes from the skin surface.

  1. Chamomile

This is a one-stop solution to various middle and extreme issues with the skin. Chamomile essential oil comes highly effective in treating the cracked and acne-prone skin, as well as it is known for its high anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, regular application of the Chamomile essential oil is useful in treating intense eczema as well as rosacea. It is suitable for the overly sensitive skins as well. Besides, you can use this extract to form a homemade bubble bath that will inevitably produce relief from skin irritations and inflammations.

  1. Clary Sage

This is a one-stop solution for various skin related issues. First and foremost, Clary sage essential oil comes highly effective to fight the problems with skin aging. Also, it is one of the best-known remedies for skin puffiness. Moreover, this extract can effectively regulate and control the production of skin oils, and it is equally suitable for dry as well as oily skins. Clary Sage is suitable for application on the sensitive skins as well. You can even apply this on the skull that will act as an effective hair conditioner to repair and strengthen hair.

Precautions to be made before applying-

Now, the best essential oils have been discussed, it is the time to throw light on some aspects related to the applications. Keep in mind that you must not apply any essential oil on the skin unless you dilute it. Ideally, the extent of dilution should be around 5%. Likewise, skincare experts advocate that you should take a skin patch test before you start applying any essential oil on your skin. Children and infants must ideally avoid the use of essential oils.

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