Kojic acid and everything that you need to know about this

Kojic acid and everything that you need to know about this

Remedy for your dark spots If your skin is suffering from the dark spots, Kojic acid can do the miracles for you. You can consider it to be a Godsend remedy that can remove all your dark spots and make your skin appealing again. Most of the skin brightening serums and skins consist of Kojic acid. You want to know the reason why? Well, we are about to discuss that. So, continue with your reading to know more about this wonder ingredient.

What is Kojic acid?

Kojic acid is a substance, which you can extract from different types of fungi. But most of the times, they are found in Aspergillus. Kojic acid first saw its light in the year of 1907, and some people extracted it from the specific strain of Aspergillus named Aspergillus oryzae. And this fungus was grown in the steamed rice.

What are the benefits of Kojic acid?

There are numerous benefits of Kojic acid, and for that reason; most of the creams and skin products consist of Kojic acid. So, let us acknowledge the benefits that this compound has to offer. Here is the list of benefits that we are talking about:

  1. It cuts off the hyperpigmentation

If your skin is vulnerable to the sun, there is a chance that you will develop hyperpigmentation, freckles as well as dark spots on your skin. Therefore, if you want to get rid of the hyperpigmentation, you can head towards using Kojic acid. You have to apply this on your face, and it will lighten the patches as well as spots, which will provide you with clearer skin. Also, it comprises an overall whitening effect and capable of treating melasma without causing any irritation to the skin of your face.

  1. It consists of an anti-aging effect

Yes, you heard us right. Kojic acid creams have anti-aging effects. Sounds exciting, right? Well, this compound doesn’t only reverse the sun damage, but it also has an anti-aging effect. It will remove wrinkles as well as cut down the signs of aging. Moreover, this acid promotes the functioning of tyrosinase, which induces the production of melanin and enhances the anti-aging process of the skin.

  1. There are also antibacterial properties in this oil

This acid also has antibacterial properties, but they are not that strong. Still, they are considered effective against various strains of bacteria and can constrain their growth, if you can use it in small quantity. Thus, to be more precise, it is the jack of all trades.

  1. Kojic acid also comprises of Antifungal properties

Antifungal property is another reason why skin products incorporate Kojic acid in their products. We have already discussed that it has the power to cut down the production of numerous bacteria.  In addition to that, it plays a significant role in treating many yeast infections such as candidiasis, athlete’s foot, and ringworm. And if you can apply this acid to your skin regularly, then it will protect your skin from numerous fungal and bacterial infections.

  1. It will make your scars fade away

Discoloration of the scars is another perk of using Kojic acid. It can reduce dark pigmentation, which is connected with various types of scars. So, if you apply this acid to your skins, it will lighten the scar and will make it more noticeable.

What is the working principle of Kojic acid?

Kojic acid inhibits the melanin of your skin. Are you wondering what melanin is? Well, the dark spots in our body develop due to the overproduction of melanin, and it is also responsible for the uneven skin tone. Because of melanin, the color of our eyes and hairs are black. Amino acid named Tyrosine produces the melanin of our body. Kojic acid helps to constrain the growth of melanin in your body thus making your skin free of any dark spots.

What are the known side effects of Kojic acid?

Although, it is safe for most of the people, there are side effects of Kojic acid that you may have to come across. For that reason, we would suggest you go to a skin specialist as they will show you the way to use this acid. If you can use this component properly, there is no fear of any side effects. So, here is the list of some possible side effects that may have to suffer due to the Kojic acid.

Your skin may get sunburned

Maybe you will witness sunburn if you use the Kojic acid. The concept is quite simple. Our skin generates melanin to protect itself from the skin damages that are caused by the UV rays. But, Kojic acid prevents the production of melanin, which may cause your skin to suffer from sunburn.

Contact dermatitis

Kojic acid may cause contact dermatitis to some people, especially to the people who have sensitive skin. And due to the contact dermatitis, you may suffer from rash, dry patches of skin, and itching. There are cases where you will find out that your skin is going through blisters and pain. The amount of Kojic acid in a product depends on the manufacturer. The products that have more Kojic acid can cause more irritation to your skin.

Delayed Dermatitis

There is a possibility that Kojic acid will not irritate your skin instantly. In this case, you may have to suffer from dermatitis after a few days. In the initial days, you don’t have to worry about anything. But after some days, you will witness the symptoms of delayed dermatitis.

What are the different types of Kojic acid products?

Several skin products use Kojic acid. So, here is the list of the products where this acid is incorporated:

Kojic acid soap

Compared to other Kojic acid products, Kojic acid soap is the most powerful one. But the fact is it has a very gentle effect on the skin. It helps to lighten the skin. Many people, whose skins are naturally dark, can get some excellent benefits from this soap.

Kojic acid cleansers

If you are suffering from acne, Kojic acid cleansers will be beneficial for you. It will help you to get rid of acne.

Kojic acid night creams

Kojic acid night creams are beneficial to reduce dark spots, age spots as well as skin colouration. So, if you are going through any of these issues, you can go for Kojic acid night creams.

Kjic acid whitening serum

Now, this product will deliver a brightening effect on your skin. Your skin will look brighter, as well as fresh.

Kojic acid powder

You can use this powder in various ways. Just mix it up with your lotions, creams, face packs, toners or any other kind of skin care products. After that, you can apply these to the affected area. But before using this powder, it will be best for you if you check the instructions meticulously.

Kojic acid body lightening lotions

These lotions will improve your skin tone and will make it look younger. Also, it will protect your skin from the adverse effects of UV rays.

Some points to take care of before using Kojic Acid

There are specific points that you have to keep in mind while using this acid. If you can follow the points precisely, you will witness the best results. So, some of the points that you have to keep in mind before using this product are:

  • If you suffer from any specific skin issue, you should stay away from Kojic acid. Moreover, if you have any allergies, you must consult a doctor before you opt for this compound.
  • Whenever you are using any Kojic acid product, you must stick to the manufacturer’s instruction. Also, if you have received any prescriptions from the doctor, you must discuss it with details about the usage directions. And you have to follow those instructions, precisely.
  • If you witness any changes or any rashes in your skin, after using any product made of Kojic acid, you must not ignore it. Stop using this compound and head towards your doctor to get the required advice from him or her.
  • If you have broken skin, using Kojic acid is a big no.
  • The result will vary from person to person. It depends on the type of skin as well as the severity of the condition. Maybe someone will get the results within a few weeks, and other people may witness the results after a few months.

Try to use Kojic acid for a specific period- Until the healing of your skin conditions or till the time you are getting the desired results. There is a chance that overusing this compound will hamper the quality of your skin.

Hence, these are all the things that you needed to know about Kojic acid. If you think that your skin is going through a condition where Kojic acid might help, you can opt for it. So, look for the products that comprise of Kojic acid and make your skin brighter again.


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