Hello new MOMs, here is a list of best essential oils for you!

Hello new MOMs, here is a list of best essential oils for you!

Essential oils are really important when we are talking about healthcare. A lot more, especially when you are going to be a mom sooner. However, in my opinion, essential oils sort of those must-have things for everyone in their houses.

In this article, I’m going to share some advice about the uses and beneficial effects of essential oils. Besides, the article is dedicated to those who are going to become mother anytime soon. I’d love to guide you with the beneficial effects of the essential oils. Oh! How I wish someone would have been there to guide me on the same topic when I was pregnant. My life would have become much simpler that way.

Well, processes of using these essential are simpler right from the start. And that is sort of great news for the new-gen moms as they are sleep deprived and realizing how hard it was for their moms to deal with the little baby right? Well, there are a lot of processes to apply these oils. You can dilute a small amount of these oils with coconut oil to apply that on your child. Rub them on the bottom of their feet and the other parts of their body. You can also diffuse these oils in a diffuser or can try a few drops in the spray bottle. The oils I personally like the most are the lavender, peppermint and on guard ones. There are plenty of these oils in the market. However, all of them has such significant beneficial effects that moms get confused about what to choose and what not. Well, no worries, as I mentioned, I will be giving you a list of most amazing (in my opinion) essential oils for the new mothers. Check it out and choose the most suitable one for you.

Before we start, don’t let the misconception get over you that more is always better. You don’t need to use more than one or two drops of essential oil. For example, just a single drop of the peppermint oil is almost equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea! Whoa! Can you imagine!?

Here is a list of the best Essential Oils for Moms:

To make this article easier to understand, I have tried to keep the pattern of the article much simpler.

  • Lavender makes you calm:

Well, I know what a great feeling it is to hold your little angels in your arms and provide them with the tender, motherly warmth for the first time. But as I have mentioned before, with that feeling of tremendous joy comes the tremendous amount of responsibilities, that they are going to make you stressed too. You don’t expect your child to be calm right from the start. As a mother, you’ve got to do a lot of things to keep your little prince or princess clean. And after doing everything for them all day long, your increasing stress level makes you furious. Thus, when your little angel(s) has been fallen asleep finally, you’ve got to make yourself calm to sleep and get ready for tomorrow. That is why the Lavender essential oil is going to help you. Lavender is a natural stress reliever. It helps you to calm down. Lavender, for this reason, is being much used for medicinal purposes. However, it is also fantastic for your skin health too.

A few beneficial effects of lavender essential oil:

    Lavender is an amazing stress reliever.

    Helpful to reduce the inflammatory effects caused by bee stings or bug bites.

    Has beneficial effects to the minor burns, sunburns and allergies.

    Also used in moisturizing creams and lotions too.

    Moreover, lavender also relieves headache and help you to get a great sleep.


  • Peppermint essential oil- one of the most helpful oil:

Peppermint is one of those oldest herbs that can be used to cure or soothe a lot of diseases, though. Peppermint has been proven beneficiary to our digestive and respiratory systems. Rub this essential oil on your sore muscles. One can also smell this oil directly to congestion. You can also dilute a drop of this oil with your morning tea to soothe nausea. Now you can easily understand why researchers rate peppermint essential oil that high. Well, I am going to make you aware of the fact that overdose of this essential oil can cause you milk deficit.

A few beneficial effects of peppermint essential oil:

    As I’ve already mentioned, peppermint essential oil can aid your digestion.

    It can also soothe your upset stomach too.

    There might be no other essential oil that can aid your headache and fever better than peppermint essential oil.

    Peppermint essential oil can be helpful to boost your energy level. Well, our new mothers are going to need that. It also improves your mental awareness and concentration too.

    This particular oil helps you removing tics too.

    Want to boost your immune system? Try peppermint essential oil.


  • Rosemary essential oils:

Until you become a mother, you don’t know how exhausting of a job it can be. You might start wondering if you can sleep again. Are you going to get the time to have a great sleep? Well, let me assure you that you will get your much-loved sleep back. That might take a few years, but you will. The rosemary essential oil is a very stimulating one. It helps us to awake the brain; it also helps us to improve memory and helps to clear our minds.

A few beneficial effects of rosemary essential oil:

    You are tired of taking care of your newborn. I understand, but there’s no way you can take some rest. Solution? The rosemary essential oil can give a much-needed boost to your energy level.

    Lack of sleep means lack of concentration right. No worries, this essential oil will also boost your concentration level.

    This essential oil will help you clear your mind. Can aid fatigue.

    It helps to awaken your brain too. And you can also get an improved memory with this essential oil.


  • On Guard, pinpoint accurate to help you achieve improved immune system:

On Guard, as the name suggests, is excellent to guard you and your child against diseases. This amazing essential oil has been created while researching four French thieves. These thieves covered themselves with clove oil, rosemary and some other essential oils while robbing plague victims. A weird story of discovery, right? Well, no matter how strange its discovery was, the beneficial effect it has to our immune system is unmatchable. The first thing I go-to whenever I see the symptoms of the flu or cold is this particular essential oil. Whenever I observe signs of the regular flu or cough and cold around my children, I immediately start using it as a primary aid.

A few beneficiary effects of On Guard essential oil:

    On Guard also helps to clean the air. So, if you have a newborn angel in your family, you know which room needs it the most already. Don’t you?

    Suffering from strep throat? No worries. On Guard is here.

    It also helps you to kill moulds and can also aid bleeding gums.

    It’s a great household cleaner that fights fungus too.

    On Guard also helps you to cure acne.


  • Rose essential oil, another stress reliever:

Are you lost in planning a perfect routine? However, the baby has already come home, and the routine is still not ready. And these unplanned situations arose the feeling of anxiety inside you. The Rose essential oils are the best oil to relieve your stress factors. It will help to aid mild anxiety. However, it comes with a high price tag, though. But I recommend this as it is worth every penny. However, you can also use the bergamot essential oil as a substitute.

A few effects of Rose essential oil:

    The stress and mild anxiety you develop as you try to figure out the proper routine and the baby has already arrived home could have harmful effects on your health. Rose essential oil cures that.

    It makes your mind calm, give you a feeling of peace.


Therefore, here are some of the best essential oils out there in the market that, in my opinion, can help you with making your motherhood more relaxed and more enjoyable. Remember, motherhood is an amazing feeling. Don’t let those unplanned routines, mild anxiety, and stress factors miss a single moment with your child. These moments are precious because that particular time is not coming back with that sweet baby. So, don’t miss a moment, capture them all inside your mind. Live them always. Happy motherhood!

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