ESSENTIAL OILS for your Hair and Scalp

ESSENTIAL OILS for your Hair and Scalp

Essential oils have been known from ages for their medicinal and cosmetic properties. Variety of essential oil can be mixed together to form a healthy oil to treat problematic hair such as hair fall, dandruff, oily and dry hair.

Essential oil may be considered a good rescue towards all your hair treatment. The oils are aromatic and nice that they give your hair a new life to breathe adding luster and shine.

To know how to take care of your hair, you first need to know how hair health is influenced by a number of factors. You also need to know about signs of hair damage so you can deal with the problem properly.

Factors influencing hair health

Your hair’s health is influenced by several factors, such as:

  • What products are applied directly on the hair, like gels, shampoos, conditioners, etc.
  • What a person eats and drinks.
  • What a person does, like swimming in pools mixed with chlorine, using curling irons of hair dryers, etc.
  • Type and quality of water used in cleansing the hair.

Here are the other factors that determine how healthy your hair is:

  • Genetics
  • Sleep
  • Stress

What Essential Oils can do for Your Hair?

Because of the aforementioned practices, it is necessary that the hair is supplemented with natural vitamins and minerals to maintain its health, body and beauty. These natural vitamins and minerals may be acquired by using or applying essential oils directly to the scalp and hair.

There are many kinds of essential oils that can be used on the hair. Each essential oil has different effects on the hair.

Below is the list that shows the basic essential oils and what type of hair or scalp it is recommended to be applied to.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential picked up popularity for its advantages on hair. As indicated by an investigation led in 2016, lavender oil connected on mice caused them to develop more hair than expected. The hair of the mice additionally became thicker and quicker than ordinary. It is said that lavender oil may help in treating hair loss issue.Studies have discovered that lavender oil can help in keeping hair lice under control. It likewise has properties that could kill hair lice. These studies were directed by joining lavender oil with tea tree oil.

Lavender oil can be useful in treating diseases of the scalp and scalp dryness. It helps in reducing irritation and furthermore accelerates the healing procedure.

How to apply lavender oil

  1. You can add lavender oil to your hair care items like shampoos and conditioners. But include it just in limited amounts to be on the more secure side.
  2. To apply lavender oil, dilute it with other essential oil, like, coconut oil or jojoba oil. You can either, apply oil and let it remain medium-term by enclosing your hair by a towel, or leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and after that go for a head shower.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Before tea tree oil went ahead the beauty scene, it originally picked up popularity in Australia and was utilized therapeutically as a type of antiseptic. This multi-use oil is found in a tree native to the northeast bank of New South Wales, Australia, and has been utilized as an asset for many years. It’s still normally utilized medicinally, and it tends to be utilized as a beauty product. Numerous individuals use tea tree oil as a cosmetics remover, a cleanser, or even a face or hair mask.

  • Longer and Thicker Hair

In case you’re developing your hair out, you should need to consider including tea tree oil into your hair care routine. Tea tree oil unclogs hair follicles and nourishes your roots.

  • Improves Overall Scalp Health

Tea tree oil has demonstrated characteristic anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help in keeping up a spotless, healthy scalp, and healthy hair follicles.

  • Hair cover

At the point when watered down with other sustaining hair oils, tea tree oil can make an incredible hair mask. It’s cleansing and nourishing properties will have adequate time to set to work on your hair when you leave a tea tree oil mask on for ten minutes. Simply make a point to completely wash the hair mask out when you’re done!


Rosemary essential oil has a wonderful impact. It’s one of the freshest and impactful essential oils with its minty and woodsy aroma. Rosemary is pressed with antioxidants which can avert thinning hair and stop to let turning gray hair. It’s another essential oil which advances blood circulation, so it’s good for stimulating hair follicles and hair development. Besides, rosemary basic oil can help with over oily scalps and hair as it mitigates sebum production. It likewise clears pores, so it’s incredible for scalps and dandruff relief.

*As a precautionary measure, it isn’t prescribed to utilize rosemary fundamental oil when you are pregnant or in the event that you experience the ill effects of epilepsy.


Cedarwood essential oil has a warm, woodsy aroma. It’s extraordinary for the treatment of balding and for dandruff control. Cedarwood is a perfect essential oil for hair development since it adjusts the oil creating organs of the scalp. The warming oil altogether improves blood circulation which can result in hair development. Besides, it is antibacterial and germicide which treats contagious issues and dandruff build up.


Thyme is a well known herb which has little, profoundly sweet-smelling leaves and spikes of minor pink blossoms in high summer. Thyme expands the blood stream to the scalp and revives hair follicles which promote hair development. Indeed, it is frequently added to shampoos and hair products went for preventing hair loss.

Best Essential Oils for Hair Recipes

These recipes cover recipes for both and hair and scalp. These recipes will help solve all your hair problems naturally.

Recipe #1: Hair Loss Recipe


  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil
  • 1 tablespoon of almond oil
  • 40 drops of carrot seeder oil
  • 6 drops of clary sage
  • 4 drops of rosemary oil
  • 4 drops of chamomile oil
  • 10 drops of lavender oil


Blend all the ingredients together. Apply a few drops daily into scalp and leaving it for overnight.


Help prevent hair loss.

Recipe #2: Fix for full and voluminous hair


  • ½ tablespoon of jojoba oil
  • 4 tablespoon of grape seed oil
  • 2 drops thyme oil
  • 10 drops coconut oil
  • 4 drops castor oil

Directions to use

Combine all of the ingredients and shake well.


An hour prior of shower, applies the blend on your scalp. Rub it delicately to improve flow and then rinse thoroughly.

Recipe #3: Fix for unhealthy scalp


  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup aloe vera gel
  • 6 drops jasmine essential oil

Direction to use

Put the aloe vera gel and the jasmine essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake it well.


Splash on your hair and go over. You can utilize it whenever you like.


Close the spray bottle firmly and store in room temperature.

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