7 Best essentials oils that will help you with depression and anxiety.

7 Best essentials oils that will help you with depression and anxiety.

How difficult can it be losing someone whom you love, care, adored or worship? People can suffer from instances such as getting fired from a job, going through an adamant time, stress or getting betrayal in love life. This kind of situation can lead a person to feel sad, low and lonely. However, these feelings are normal in life. Most of the time people feel low and sad. However, prolonged sadness or chronic stress can lead to anxiety and depression.


Depression is a psychiatric disorder and can have both physical and emotional symptoms. Depression is more likely to manifest amongst youngsters. The significant causes of depression are hormonal disbalances, chronic stress, lack of proper diet, alcohol, lack of sun acquaintance, emotional problems, and so on. Now the question is how people can deal with depression and anxiety? One of the best ways is aromatherapy. It is the practice of inhaling essential oil to improve your well-being.


Now, how it works? The essential oils usage can send a message to the nervous system by inciting the smell receptors in your nose. Aromatherapy is generally used as a natural remedy to relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It is helpful during a mood disorder. Essentials oils are used as complementary treatments for many such conditions. It is a drug-free option that may help to relieve some of your symptoms and enables you to manage the situation. It is free from side effects.


Here is the list of best essential oils that will help you to deal with depression and anxiety.



  1. Valerian Oil


Valerian is known as a perennial plant with the scientific name Valerian officials. It’s a herb that is used since ancient times. Valerian plant grows wild in grasslands throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Valerian roots work to ease insomnia and anxiety. It subtly increases that level of the chemical known as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA has calming effects in the body. Due to anxiety and depression, people sometimes suffer from insomnia. It is the inability to stay asleep. One must add a few drops of valerian oil to a diffuser and inhale. It may make you feel sleepy or relaxed.


  1. Jatamansi Oil


Jatamansi oil is an ayurvedic medicine and acts as a potent nerve-calming herb. It is known as spikenard in English and can be found in the Himalayan region. These essential oil helps people to get relief from sleep disorders and insomnia. It aids to increase serotonin levels in the brain that help to keep mind calm and give relief from anxiety. It is best known for its antidepressant, anti-fatigue, anti-stress properties. People suffering from depression might get anxiety attacks, and it can be severe and can affect your well-being. However, Jatamansi essential oil can act as an antidote and can help to calm down during this stage of depression. Jatamansi may relieve depression by decreasing GABA neurotransmitter and Mao receptors in the brain.


Simple steps can take no time to reduce anxiety. Just one has to massage properly diluted Jatamansi oil into the temple or forehead for relief. Thus, helping people those who are going through anxiety and depression.


  1. Lavender Oil


Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders. Pharmacotherapies for anxiety disorders are limited. Hence alternative therapies may be important allies in the care of patients having anxiety disorders. The floral lavender essential oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils used in aromatherapy. In research, it has been said that one fragrant compound that is present in lavender can aid to lessen anxiety by stimulating the nose to pass signals to the brain. Lavender essential oil is believed to treat depression, insomnia, improve mood and promote relaxation.


Linalool, which is present in lavender oil, is helpful as the Linalool vapor affects the brain through smell and not being absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. Researchers have investigated how to use linalool calming properties in humans, citing a need for safer alternatives to anti-anxiety medications. Just a few steps will bring relief. Take several drops of lavender oil with a teaspoon of unscented bath gel, stir the mixture into the warm bath water and enjoy a relaxing lavender bath.



  1. Jasmine Oil


Jasmine oil has been used for several hundreds of years in parts of Asia, as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety, insomnia and emotional stress. Jasmine has an outstanding floral scent. Furthermore, this essential oil is a popular natural remedy for improving mood and overcoming stress. In research, it has been said that jasmine oil has a genus-species name Jasminum officinale that works positively influencing the nervous system. Improvement in mood and sleep can be seen after using jasmine oil. Besides, inhaling jasmine oil can promote a sense of well-being and romance and also boost energy level. It has a stimulating effect on the brain that helps to improve the mood at the same time.


Jasmine oil has many benefits, such as help in sleeping, dealings with stress, and fighting depression. With a few simple steps, your body can feel free from all the worries, inhaling jasmine oil directly can be effective or fill it up in a diffuser.



  1. Holy Basil Oil


Holy basil is a herb which is also called Tulsi. Green looking leaves also known as Ocimum Sanctum L., and it is native to Southeast Asia. It contains Eugenol, a compound that gives a spicy and minty aroma and is considered as a stimulant for the body, mind, and spirit. It helps in treatment for eye disease to ringworm. Whole holy basil plants act as an adaptogen. Hence an Adaptogen is a natural substance that helps your body to adapt to stress and promote mental balance. Scientific research shows that it has pharmacological properties to help your mind cope with many types of stress. There can be various kinds of stress, such as emotional, chemical, physical, and infectious.


Holy basil contains antidepressants and anti-anxiety properties. In a study, it is stated that people who consume 500 milligrams of holy basil each day felt less depressed, anxious, stressed and felt more social. Easy to use, Eugenol in holy basil contains powerful fragrance. Little usage can go a long way. It will be even more useful to add a few drops in a diffuser and inhale as the oil is dispersed throughout the day.


  1. Rose oil


Roses have the enchanting floral fragrance known to relax the senses. According to one of the studies of 2015, it has been said, that essential oil from rose centifolia and rose damascene may have anxiety-relieving or relaxation effect. It has been said in the study of 2014 that rose oil is effective and can reduce anxiety. One must follow the simple steps with Rose oil that can reduce stress and provide relaxation. One must soak their feet in a tub of warm water, and diluted rose essential oil. Applying this method will surely help to reduce anxiety.


  1. Bergamot Oil


Bergamot oil comes from the citrus bergamia tree. It’s a popular essential oil for relieving anxiety.  According to the 2015 study review, it is revealed that Bergamot oil has an anxiety reduction effect and also help to improve mood. Another study of 2013 has stated that inhaling water vapor mix with bergamot orange essential oil reduces anxiety in people awaiting minor surgery. One can apply a few drops of the essential oil onto a cotton ball, try to inhale the same for 2 to 3 times to relieve anxiety.


Precaution measures-


The essential oils, as mentioned above, have a healing effect on people suffering from anxiety and depression. The usage of these oils on a day to day basis can have a relaxing effect on our body and mind. However, there are few precautions one must take before using the essential oils for better results. Essential oils might have an allergic reaction if one applies it undiluted. Hence, essential oil must be mixed with any carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. One ounce of carrier oil must be combined with 3-to-6 drops of essential oil.


Moreover, one must do a small skin patch test beforehand with a mixture of essential oil and carrier oil. This test must be done before 24 hours at least to check if any reaction is taking place. If not, then you are good to go.

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